Hi, my name is Mary Spencer!


Well, hello my darlings! Before you continue to the blog that I’m so proud of, let me tell you a little bit about my own story and about the things and events in my life that have ultimately led me to becoming a renown fashion & lifestyle blogger I am today.

Long story short, it all started with my birth in a family of two independent fashion designers.

John and Diane Spencer, my parents, were dedicated to professing their sense of style to the masses for all their life, eventually becoming teachers at the local Art College.


Living in such an artistic family has taken its toll on me, and so at the tender age of 18 I enrolled in a local Art School. Longing to become a fashion clothing designer myself, I’ve tried to pursue that dream of mine for quite some years, even eventually being a part of the Givenchy’s team of designers. But as I started to write op-eds and blog articles at that same time, I’ve suddenly felt that it was more of my cup of tea.

So, after a few long years of both studying and practicing the high fashion, I’ve decided to switch my main occupation to being a fashion writer. Eventually, thanks to my big team of friends, all of whom either currently or in the past were in the world of fashion, I was able to start out his blog of mine. Here I love to focus on all things fashion, starting with clothing and footwear new trends and items, tips for choosing the clothing and all the way to general lifestyle and makeup tips and news for the girls.

This means that while I understand that my blog is by far not the biggest one out there, I still feel that the things I and my team write here are original and unique enough to be in a class of its own.

So thanks for reading our blog and welcome!